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[software]SpeakFreely -
This e-mail encryptor can be used with any e-mail client. It provides all the commonly used Internet encryption algorithms without certificates or signatures. By selecting email addresses which should be encrypted secure email connections can be created over the Internet or intranet.
Keywords: SpeakFreely; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail encryption; SpeakFreely
Downloads: 17
[software]WebGrabit -
This desktop tool that enables you to display any part of a Web site, including RSS feeds, on your desktop and schedule automatic updates, all without opening your browser. You can set the display, logon and update preferences. The selected item is then displayed in its own window on your desktop, alongside other items. WebGrabit captures login information and will automatically logon to sites when updating...
Keywords: WebGrabit; Internet; E-mail and news; News services; WebGrabit
Downloads: 16
[software]ListKing -
This is an application that allows you to use Microsoft Outlook as a mailing list server. It automatically scans your Outlook folder for relevant messages and processes them. A database is used to maintain your mailing list and allows you to send messages to your mailing lists. It also allows you to scan a specified Outlook folder and retrieve all e-mails addresses in the To, From and CC fields or the message body...
Keywords: ListKing; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; list king; listking
Downloads: 15
[software]FastTrackMail -
This e-mail program allows you to send and receive e-mails, and manage mailing lists and customer requests. It also has a built in auto-reply function. You can set up a rule set and if an incoming e-mail meets it, FastTrackMail automatically replies. You can also set up rules to file and filter both incoming and outgoing mail. FastTrackMail can process data from Web site forms, allowing you to build and manage mailing lists, and process client and customer information.
Keywords: FastTrackMail; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; FastTrackMail
Downloads: 77
[software]STEVEN -
This program uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to stop spam. It requires no key lists, no key words and no fancy algorithms. It supports POP3, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange, and a host of other mail configurations. It uses the new Microsoft .NET Framework. It offers mail server functionality, an attachment filing system, a white list and black list drilldown, and a help file. Note: Members of the media, charities and non-profit organizations can apply for free paid registration.
Keywords: STEVEN; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; STEVEN
Downloads: 35
[software]NewsPro -
This is a multitasking newsreader with advanced support for multiple news servers. NewsPro allows you to perform searches on servers in a large number of newsgroups. It includes an option for synchronizing newsgroup content with servers for downloads of multi-part binary attachments. The program can download bodies directly using header information from other servers, saving bandwidth. It has options for later and immediate download, and download with certain priority for article tasks...
Keywords: NewsPro; Internet; E-mail and news; News readers; NewsPro
Downloads: 41
[software]TabMail -
This is a mail user agent for sending, receiving and managing your e-mail messages. It conforms to Internet standards and supports Unicode characters. It provides automatic attachments compression, message filtering, PGP message encryption and decryption, support for SSL/TLS connections, virus scanning for attachments and multiple user and account support. It can warn about dangerous attachments, and message-threads can span multiple mailboxes.
Keywords: TabMail; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; TabMail
Downloads: 77
[software]Traylook -
This program runs in the system tray and provides unobtrusive notifications of new e-mail in selected Outlook folders, using a colorful MSN-style pop-up window. You can quickly glance at the incoming messages as they scroll by one at a time. Read and delete e-mail directly by clicking links in the notification pop-up window. The program integrates into Outlook, and additional configuration options are available from the Outlook options menu...
Keywords: Traylook; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail notifiers; traylook
Downloads: 51
[software]Subscription Manager -
This add-in automatically adds and deletes subscribers to and from MS Outlook 2000/XP mailing lists. The program bases its actions on special e-mails from subscribers, which contain commands in the Subject field. The program processes subscribe, unsubscribe, confirm and help requests, after which it sends a reply based on general and customizable Outlook templates.
Keywords: Subscription Manager; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; Subscription Manager
Downloads: 30
[software]POPBeamer -
This is an inbound POP3 router for Microsoft Exchange server or any SMTP server like Lotus Notes and GroupWise. It collects messages from any POP3 account and routes it to your Exchange server. This supports auto-detect routing of messages and can be used to share one POP3 or IMAP mailbox for a whole company over a single dial-up, ADLS or leased line connection.
Keywords: POPBeamer; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail checkers; POPBeamer
Downloads: 50
[software]NewsShark -
This program is designed to get file formats like MP3, RAR and ZIP from Usenet. Mission-specific features like partial file preview will download, decode and play the first segment of an MP3 or MPG and an emergency restart function automatically resumes interrupted downloads without starting over. It includes yEnc support.
Keywords: NewsShark; Internet; E-mail and news; Usenet tools
Downloads: 47
[software]LiteMail -
This program allows you to customize your outgoing e-mail with as many fields as you want. You can import data from and export data to several formats, including Microsoft Access and Excel. The program will send plain text and HTML, as well as multi-format messages. It includes a context-sensitive message editor. You can also send messages in HTML and apply the same customization criteria to them. Any local images used in the HTML message can be embedded...
Keywords: LiteMail; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; LiteMail
Downloads: 78
[software]PopMan -
This POP3 manager can be used to list all e-mails on your incoming server, without having to load them. Unwanted e-mails can be deleted directly from the server. The program will check your accounts in the background. When new e-mail arrives, you will be notified. The preview function allows you to read the text of your e-mail to check for spam.
Keywords: PopMan; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail checkers; PopMan
Downloads: 22
[software]MailList Controller -
This is an e-mail mailing list and marketing solution designed to send out personalized messages and to manage multiple mailing lists, newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails. The program runs as a service on your desktop, workstation or server. You can use the built-in mail server for direct delivery or use an external SMTP server. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to create personalized rich-text (HTML) messages or you use your default mail client...
Keywords: MailList Controller; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; MailList Controller
Downloads: 70
[software]Ozum -
This is an online and offline news reader. It lets you view most video and audio file formats from newsgroups before actually downloading them. You can also drag and drop items from the newsgroup to the desktop, so you never need to select, "save as." There is a built-in viewer for images, a programmable news scanning robot and an auto-poster. It automatically downloads, assembles and decodes binary files, and rejects duplicates...
Keywords: Ozum; Internet; E-mail and news; News readers; Ozum
Downloads: 132
[software]Privateimail -
This program imports all e-mail containing encrypted images from the default inbox for decoding. It allows any JPG or GIF file to be encoded with a message and sent.
Keywords: Privateimail; Internet; E-mail and news; Encoders and decoders; Privateimail
Downloads: 38
[software]SpamStopUp -
Works with all e-mail clients to filter and delete unwanted junk e-mail messages on the server before they get to your computer. The program works in the background.
Keywords: SpamStopUp; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamStopUp
Downloads: 23
[software]MYmailSAFE -
This is an add-on for Netscape Messenger, Outlook and Outlook Express that stops unsolicited e-mail, including e-mail viruses, Trojan horses, and other malicious files, without the use of filters. It holds all e-mail from unknown senders until it has determined the e-mail's status. The program analyzes every attachment that is sent to you and classifies the attachment based on who sent it and its potential for damage.
Keywords: MYmailSAFE; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; MYmailSAFE
Downloads: 58
[software]SmarterMailMon -
This utility monitors several different e-mail accounts. It offers such features as mail notification and auto-login to a Web mail interface.
Keywords: SmarterMailMon; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail checkers; SmarterMailMon
Downloads: 42
[software]Multiemail PE -
This mass mailing software has six built-in databases, and it is designed to be a spam-free tool. It automates your business mailings and sends thousands of customized messages per hour. Filters allow you to send messages to specified addresses, based on the content of the chosen field from your database. You can import different e-mail groups and contacts from Outlook, text files or your MS-Access database.
Keywords: Multiemail PE; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; Multiemail PE
Downloads: 27
[software]SPAMReporter -
This spam reporting tool works by analyzing e-mail header information and determining where the e-mail originated on the Internet. It checks each line to determine authenticity and signal the actual entry point onto the Internet. Once the entry point is found, the program finds an abuse contact for the IP owner and sends an e-mail containing all pertinent information to have the account suspended.
Keywords: SPAMReporter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SPAMReporter
Downloads: 24
[software]Contactsafe -
This is an Outlook plug-in that automatically backs up and encrypts your e-mail contacts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If your PC crashes or a virus destroys it, simply send the developers an e-mail and they will reply with your contacts file.
Keywords: Contactsafe; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail backup; Contactsafe
Downloads: 27
[software]SpamNet -
Protect you, your friends, and family from incoming spam. Every time you block a spam message, your vote benefits the entire community of SpamNet users. The program offers protection from all e-mail threats--viruses, worms, spam. See how your trust rating ranks in the community via a toolbar in the program's interface.
Keywords: SpamNet; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamNet
Downloads: 29
[software]VersaForward -
This program forwards important e-mail to a cell phone, pager or e-mail account. It bounces e-mail, retaining the correct from, to, and CC lists, so you can reply appropriately. The program supports message filtering, scheduling, IMAP, POP, SSL connections and proxies.
Keywords: VersaForward; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail checkers; VersaForward
Downloads: 23
[software]ExchangeRecovery -
This is a data recovery program for Microsoft Exchange Server. In case of a server crash or mailbox deletion, offline storage files remain on client computers, retaining e-mail, contacts, tasks and other items from the original mail account. This program converts these files to a Personal Storage File format to be read with Outlook or another compatible mail client.
Keywords: ExchangeRecovery; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail recovery
Downloads: 51
[software]Chariot -
This is an e-mail and FTP client. It runs profiles on media contents to extract the information required to send an e-mail or transfer a file. Extracted information includes user name, password, message and host name.
Keywords: Chariot; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; Chariot
Downloads: 26
[software]marlin -
This is a mail client with multilevel protection against hackers. It supports interactive encrypting and digital signature of messages through OpenPGP protocol. It also supports reading and writing mail messages in Unicode with the possibility of mixing code pages, and even bidirectional input. You can also write and view messages in HTML or MS Outlook RTF format.
Keywords: marlin; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; marlin
Downloads: 70
[software]Intelligent MailBook -
This is a professional, project-based e-mail program for home, small business and home office use. It stores messages and message receipts and uses an archive for easy backup and restore functionalities. It is compatible with e-mail messages composed and sent by other programs. You can import and export EML files and the program has automatic tracking number generation and processing. It also has a black-list mechanism to block mail from specific senders...
Keywords: Intelligent MailBook; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients
Downloads: 31
[software]BulkMail -
This program lets you maintain multiple mailing lists in a single file and discriminate between them or combine parts of them at will by using sixteen switches, plus various other discriminators combined in instantly selectable filters that you define and name. The system has a template that lets you automatically repeat common things such as a city name and partial zip code as you enter records, as well as extensive facilities for importing and exporting comma-delimited and tab-delimited databa...
Keywords: BulkMail; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; BulkMail
Downloads: 18
[software]SafeMail -
This is a backup tool for Outlook Express. It allows to backup your address book, mail and news folders, mail accounts, message rules, signatures, stationery, blocked senders list and personal settings. SafeMail can also help you to transfer all your Outlook Express data from one computer to another, even with different versions of Windows or Outlook Express.
Keywords: SafeMail; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail backup; SafeMail
Downloads: 38
[software]FastSend -
This is a secure way to send files as e-mail attachments. Through an intuitive interface, the user can send files to any email address. It solves problems for file size limitations, FTP and CD burning.
Keywords: FastSend; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail attachments; FastSend
Downloads: 36
[software]Leesoft Postman -
Sends e-mails to a large number of recipients in high speed. It acts as a SMTP relay sending e-mails directly to recipients without any other SMTP servers. It will show the response after sending an e-mail immediately.
Keywords: Leesoft Postman; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; Leesoft Postman
Downloads: 47
[software]K-ML -
This mailing list tool allows you to manage an unlimited number of lists. It can retrieve subscriptions directly from your Web site. It can also be used to send personalized e-mails.
Keywords: K-ML; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; k ml
Downloads: 31
[software]Mailbox Guard -
This program is an e-mail manager that lets you fight cyberscam arriving in e-mails before it gets to your PC. You can use it to protect against spam, obscenity, viruses, worms and spy-ware. It includes unlimited account management, background mail check, notifications, user definable lists, plain-text preview, HTML-tag filter, remote preview and delete from multiple accounts, and automatic test and report of connection speed.
Keywords: Mailbox Guard; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools
Downloads: 40
[software]NewsPiper -
This is an RSS/Web news reader and news ticker in one environment. This program scans your favorite news sites and RSS feeds to retrieve headlines for display in an always-on-top window that appears on your desktop. For each headline, you can open the full story in your default Web browser by clicking. Simply specify the URL to add new sites to your scan. NewsPiper also checks your connection status on the schedule that you set up, and changes the color of the icon in the system tray bar accordi...
Keywords: NewsPiper; Internet; E-mail and news; News services; News Piper
Downloads: 45
[software]eNewsletter Manager -
This newsletter tool allows you to send personalized HTML messages, and automatically manage the opt-in and opt-out submissions of subscribers. Features include an HTML editor, alternate HTML and text messages, multiple attachments, multiple mailing lists and the ability to resume interrupted operations.
Keywords: eNewsletter Manager; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; eNewsletter Manager
Downloads: 91
[software]MailTalkX -
This is an e-mail monitoring utility that includes audible and visual notification of incoming e-mail, automatic updating, log file maintenance, spam filtering and individual WAV file settings. It will also allow for unlimited e-mail accounts, and you can customize it to play a specific WAV file when you receive mail from a certain person. You can even assign different WAV files to play, depending on the subject of the incoming mail.
Keywords: MailTalkX; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools
Downloads: 30
[software]ExchangeServerRecovery -
This is a recovery program for Microsoft Exchange Server databases. It processes corrupted mail databases and saves the recovered data to a common Personal Storage File format to be read with Outlook or other compatible mail client.
Keywords: ExchangeServerRecovery; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail recovery; ExchangeServerRecovery
Downloads: 39
[software]Vetomail -
This program kills all unwanted and unsolicited mail. It prevents fraudulent and offensive e-mail from reaching your inbox and instantly blacklists all offenders for future removal. You can create "friendly" lists of senders from whom you want to receive mail. If a sender is unknown, you are given the option to preview the message before you receive or delete it. There are also further options for adding a message to your friendly list or blacklist.
Keywords: Vetomail; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Vetomail
Downloads: 25
[software]CrunzhMail -
This is a small program specifically designed for the purpose of sending out quick e-mails, without the extra features such as a calendar and spell check.
Keywords: CrunzhMail; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; CrunzhMail
Downloads: 19
[software]NetMail -
This program provides anti-spam filtering functions, which automatically delete unwanted electronic messages before you download them from the server. Even if your SMTP server already has filtering and anti-spam protection capabilities, additional software can provide additional protection from undesirable messages. The program also has support for attachments, message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields, and message searches based on keywords.
Keywords: NetMail; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail clients; NetMail
Downloads: 42
[software]MultiEmail Server -
This automated e-mail server supports auto responders, auto-subscribe and unsubscribe options. With mailing filters, you can send messages to a specific group of customers with same zip code, ID, SSNs or any of the four custom records. Templates are included.
Keywords: MultiEmail Server; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; MultiEmail Server
Downloads: 44
[software]MyPadLock -
This program secures your e-mail, instant messenger, chat room conversations and computer files.
Keywords: MyPadLock; Internet; E-mail and news; Encoders and decoders; PadLock
Downloads: 19
[software]PopTray -
This is an e-mail notifier that can manage unlimited accounts. It shows the number of waiting messages directly on the tray icon. It provides a different notification sound and a different check interval for each account. You can preview a message and delete messages from the server without downloading them. You can set up your own rules and filters to automate different notification sounds, delete messages from the server, ignore messages or run an EXE file...
Keywords: PopTray; Internet; E-mail and news; E-mail checkers; PopTray
Downloads: 60
[software]SendLater -
This e-mail scheduler allows you to handle e-mail correspondence even if you are away from your computer. Prepare all of your e-mail notifications, reminders and greetings in advance, and schedule the intervals for delivery. As long as your computer is online, your messages will be sent automatically.
Keywords: SendLater; Internet; E-mail and news; Auto-responders; SendLater
Downloads: 41
[software]NewsPromoter -
This program automates your press releases management and Internet publicity strategy. It submits your press releases to 18,000 media contacts including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and Internet media. NewsPromoter includes its own e-mail server and increases the e-mail submission speed. Additional utilities include label printing tool and reports. English, French and Russian interfaces are available.
Keywords: NewsPromoter; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; NewsPromoter
Downloads: 38
[software]Mass Mailer -
This program is designed to broadcast e-mail messages to key contact groups and customers.
Keywords: Mass Mailer; Internet; E-mail and news; Newsletters; Mass Mailer
Downloads: 57
[software]Elgr -
This program sits between the e-mail reader and the Internet, checking e-mail as it is received. Spam is automatically moved to the deleted items folder. It detects attempts to fool anti-spam programs, checks all links in the mail against a daily updated list of over 15,000 domains used by spammers, checks the content of the mail for bad words, and lets those who don't communicate in English delete all English mail.
Keywords: Elgr; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Elgr
Downloads: 36
[software]Spamdel -
This is a security utility. It filters mail, categorizes spam and lets you view and delete mail on the server before it reaches your PC. It works with e-mail clients including Outlook Express, Outlook and TheBat!
Keywords: Spamdel; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spamdel
Downloads: 75
[software]SpamX -
This spam blocker automatically determines the source from the header and Web host links in the message body. It allows reporting of multiple spammers and can report all messages in the Inbox simultaneously. You can import address books from any e-mail client that supports exporting.
Keywords: SpamX; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamX
Downloads: 14
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